Timro Dola Dola

Hawaldar Suntali Song – Timro Dola Dola

Hawaldar Suntali is a movie by Chhabiraj Production and here is the music video of the song title Timro Dola Dola from the movie. The movie stars Shilpa Pokharel in the lead role including Kishor Khatiwoda and Sabin Shrestha. Yubaraj…

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Basyo Basyo

The Range Song – Basyo Basyo

Nepali Movie The Range has already announced their release date where as here we have brought a music video Basyo Basyo from the movie. Mandabi Poudel and RN Krish has presented the song which is arranged by Om Karmacharya. Nepali…

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Balai Bhayena

The Range Song – Balai Bhayena Sahila

Balai Bhayena Sahila is a Nepali movie song from the move The Range which is a presentation of Ramesh and Pitamber in association with Digital Motion Studio. The music video features singer Nisha Sunar who is performing on a Bar…

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The Range

The Range – Nepali Movie Trailer

The Range is a Nepali movie which is a presentation of Digital Motion Studio. The movie is produced by Gagan Giri, Dambar Giri and Rajendra Giri. The Range stars Raj Kshitij, Dipa Thapa, Ganesh Upreti, Loken Oli, Arjun Shrestha, Nisha…

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Rekha Thapa

Rekha Thapa talks about Gender Inequility

Rekha Thapa is one of the top Nepali actress at present time. Today Rekha is talking about gender based violence in Nepal. She shares her story when she was child she was discriminated by her parents with her brothers. She…

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Rabin Pariyar and Shalu Gautam

Rabin Pariyar and Shalu Gautam performance in Portugal

Here we have Rabin Pariyar and Shalu Gautam performing on a FILIPINO-NEPAL thanks giving and friendship program organized in the year 2013. The program was organized in Poutugal among the Nepalese boys and girls performing along with other people from…

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Belly Dancer

Beautiful Girl dances on Shakira Shakira

Belly Dance is something that the performer shakes and performs actions using their belly. So here we have a stunning Belly Dance by a student at Liverpool International College. The dance was performed in the welcome Program given to the…

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D Company Poster

D Company – Nepali Movie Trailer

D Company is a thriller genre Nepali movie directed by Manoj Shrestha. With new artist in the movie D Company Krishna Shrestha has produced the movie. The movie is releasing on 4th Poush 2014. The movie is releasing under the…

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Janmabhumi 2014

Janmabhumi poster released

Well known TV serial writer, actor and director Mohan Niraula has directed Nepali movie “Janmabhumi”. The official poster of the movie was released recently. The movie is based on patriotic love starring Nishma Ghimire, Anu Shah, Binod Shrestha, Jebika Karki,…

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Pal Pal

Bhai Gurung’s Pal Pal

Pal Pal is a Nepali music video by Bhai Gurung from the album Arpana. The music video features Paul Shah and Rubeena Shrestha. This is a romantic Nepali music video directed by Nitin Chand and edited by Nitin and Paul….

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