Binita Ghimire

Actress Binita Ghimire’s desire to make movie

Actress Binita Ghimire who debuted in Nepali film through movie Honeymoon had already acted in number of other movies too. Although after playing important roles in movies like Rahadhani, Matan, One side love, Crime in Love and Kasto Tension she…

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Bhaag Saani Bhaag

Nawal Nepal’s fourth project Bhaag Saani Bhaag

  Production of the movie Bhaag Saani Bhaag was declared during a programme organised on Thursday. The movie is to be directed by Nawal Nepal who had already directed films like Shreeman, Mahasus and Lajja before this and it is…

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Director Sudip Bhupal’s Mala premiered

The premiere show of the movie Mala, which will go on public display from upcoming Friday, was held at Q’s Cinema situated in Durbar marga on the eve of Wednesday. Many guests from film and music industry attended the show….

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Lal Jodi Singer

Laljodi songs being recorded

Recordings of songs are taking place currently of movie Laljodi which is the second directorial job of media person Lakshman Subedi. Song titled Dukha le bacheko xu… ghiti ghiti bacheko xu was recorded in singer Yuvraj Chaulagain’s voice at Musician…

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Arunima Lamshal

Actress Arunima Lamsal flying to America

When Nepali actress begins to fail in film industry then they start to move off to abroad countries. This general saying is being proven quite true these days. Actress Arunima Lamsal who was once very busy and successful actress of…

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Jeevan Luitel and Barsha

Jeevan to go Pokhara with Barsha in search of Satyaa

Young director Krishna Pokharel is about to make film Satyaa. Poudel who debuted into film direction with the movie Dhunn, got the chance of wearing directorial cap again even before the release of the first movie and thus is all…

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