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Dr. Govinda KC's sixth fast: Dr Jiwan Kshetry's summary and some clarifications
Aug 30, 2015
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Why do the repeating hunger strikes by Prof Dr. Govinda KC matter for Nepali people? What are the ramifications of his fasts for the health and medical education sector in Nepal? Dr. Jiwan, a close compatriot of Dr. KC, explains some of the issues that are commonly misunderstood about the protest by Dr. KC.

Summary: The constitution-making may be the task of first priority in Nepal now, but the issues raised by Prof KC about education and health in the country can be ignored at everyone's peril. Whatever is written in the constitution, it will have to be eventually implemented and that demands some vision and honesty from the leaders, which they are not showing by repeatedly reneging the pledges given to Dr. KC to end every of his hunger strikes.

Dr. Kshetry speaks candidly about the common misperceptions about Dr. KC's fast.