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HOT nepali short movie|| लिङ्ग|| 2017
Mar 3, 2017
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As we know that, we Nepali are not well equipped to make movie. Most of the people in the world prefer to see the movies and short movies. In The government of Nepal also did not give a focus on making the movies. Most of the people in the world follow the western society. Nepalese moviemaker follow the traditional society .in the world people does not know the Nepali culture. Therefore, it is very difficult to get the idea given by the movies. They are aware about the culture of Nepal. The scope of Nepal movies in foreign country was very important which gives the knowledge what is happening around the world.
Comedy is very important to make the people happy. People didn’t laugh without any evidence. So they can get a new thing to laugh .these comedy movies Is focus in the what is happening in the world and give the clear idea about the how to make the people happy by showing the comedy movies. In our movies, we give the idea about, what is happening in our environment .how they are cause? What is the problem created by those movies? How to make people aware about social culture and problem making them happy with real social story This is our responsibility to give you idea.
Especially this movie reflects the social bad kind in Nepal, how our society is running on? We are being more responsible made this movie for the world, to recognize the country and culture in the world. Director samir subadi and Aindra Limbu and his team is devoted to produce such movie. How far we are possible to do this, please comment us. Furthermore we will present more movies with more different story please keep un watching us. At last laugh laugh until you can laugh.