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Kishan Ko Choro - M.G.P | New Nepali Hip-Hop / Rap Song 2016
Oct 4, 2016
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New Nepali Melodious Hip-Hop / Rap Song "Kishan Ko Choro" by M.G.P - A song by British Gurkha Soldier of his struggles.

A story that might match with life of a Nepali Gorkhali Army. He visualize what he wants to be already and tends for it with his all hard works.

Vocal: M.G.P
Beat / Mix / Mastered By: Brijesh Shrestha

Cinematography / Direction: Deepak Bomjan
Model: Dipesh Sintan, Thulo Kancha Tamang, Saili Lama, Saimon Sintan, Sairee Shrestha, Gambir Man Shrestha, Sunil Thapa, Hemant Ghale, Sonam Lama, Rinchin Tamang, Sunil Tamang, Bipin Magar and Pradip Shahi


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