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स्वेतालाइ दिए यस्तो जवाफ; कृ र कान्छी रिलिजको हाउगुजी - Kri & Kanchhi release date issue
Nov 13, 2017
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Two highly awaited movies are scheduled to release on the same day -- a few days before the Valentine day of 2018.

Anmol KC's next movie 'Kri' and Shweta Khadka's comeback movie 'Kanchhi'. In response to the news of 'Kri' release, producer and actress Shweta Khadka has told that she is willing to negotiate with 'Kri' team to re-schedule the release according to the demand of the viewers. But, 'Kri' producer, Subas Giri has told that they had set the release date before' Kanchhi' announced it.

Will they re-schedule the dates?

Will it affect the business of the movie if they are released on the same day?

I have looked on the historical data of success and failure of movie that were released with other successful movies. The case study of the following movies are done in the video:

2012 release movie 'Loot'

2014 release movies 'Kohinoor', 'November Rain' and 'Kabaddi'

2016 release movies 'Prem Geet' and 'Classic'

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