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Ma Huri Ma Diyo by Ram Krishna Dhakal म हुरीमा दियो जलेको देख्छु || Full Video || Bindabasini Music
Mar 31, 2017
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जय गीत, जय सङ्गीत !!!!
Song: Ma Hurima Diyo Baleko Dekhchhu म हुरीमा दियो जलेको देख्छु
Vocal : Ram Krishna Dhakal
Lyrics : Ramesh BG
Music : Rajesh Thapa
Album : Aawaran
Camera : Utsav Dahal
Edit : Nishan Ghimire
Direction : Nikesh Khadka
Make Up : Khushi Rai
Featuring Nirajan Thapa , Puja Giri, Raaz Neupane , Babina Poudel , Bhola Shrestha , Anuja Udhas
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