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Nepali Journalist Dekendra Thapa | Song | Maoist Murdered | Impunity
Jan 18, 2013
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Ads Here Dailekh based late journalist Dekendra Thapa is singing song on the bank of Lohore Khola Tallo Dungeshwor, Dailekh district on 17 March, 2003. The video was shot by Nepal's leading documentary maker and editor Dhurba Basnet and was originally uploaded in his channel on youtube.

The bridge in the background was identified by one of the commentators in Dhurba's YouTube Channel as Lohore Bridge and reported further that Dekendra had devoted fifteen months of his youtful life to the development Dailekh road and drinking water projects.

However in 2004, Thapa was burried alive after he denied to become a member of the then CPN Maoist government and denied charges espionage for the state security agencies.

After being tortured for nearly a week, Thapa was ultimately buried alive in Dailekh. Even though the Maoists are in mainstream politics, 6 years down the road they have been not tried fo heinous human rights violations crimes like Dekendra.

More recently the Maoist led government had tried to stop the investigation in Dekendra's murder row even though its cadres who had killed Dekendra have urged for punishing them for the unimaginable crime.

(Special Thanks and Credit for the Video: Dhurba Basnet--- Original Link ( )